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Starters International Business Programme

How to expand your business internationally?

Exporting is not something you just do. It requires good preparation. With the Starters International Business (SIB) (a programme supported by the Dutch the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), CGCB International helps Dutch companies that want to make the step to export to foreign markets. If your case has been approved by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, you will receive a voucher worth € 2,500 for the entire coaching programme. During the individual coaching you will investigate the possibilities abroad with a consultant / coach of CGCB International BV and you will work towards a concrete action plan.

Export allows you to effectively spread your risks. But how do you start? What are your company’s strengths? Which markets can offer opportunities and how can you successfully seize them? How do I find my potential business partners in other countries?

There are three different SIB vouchers that can help you with your plans to take your business abroad:

  • Individual coaching voucher is to hire a consultant / coach to look at your opportunities abroad and to work towards a concrete plan of action.
  • Collective activity voucher is to participate in an outbound trade delegation or a joint trade fair presentation.
  • Knowledge acquisition voucher is to hire an international lawyer or tax consultant.

Why export goods and services?

Exporting goods and services abroad offers your business more opportunities. It can lead to greater sales and serve as a solution to the challenge of increased competition in the domestic market. With its Starters International Business (SIB) program, CGCB International BV can help you move into foreign markets.


The Starters International Business programme is open to Dutch SMEs:

  • with none or little knowledge and experience on doing business abroad
  • wanting to export their products/services
  • with an organization
  • willing to invest time and money to expand to foreign markets

What is Starter International Business programme?

In short:

  • Coaching program for an international approach in 3 steps;
  • Meant for Dutch SMEs that want to export;
  • Set up action plan with an adviser;
  • Executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and various other organizations.

Our consultants have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of corporate finance and international business. Our senior advisors were advisors for the Netherlands Centre for Trade Promotion, and have advised many Dutch companies in various industries.

Please contact us for if you are interested or if you want more information about the Starters International Business program.